Mose is my beloved golden retriever.  In December of 2013, at age 10 1/2,  he was diagnosed with cancer. I decided to do everything I could to fight this disease as I am not ready to say goodbye to my best friend. I was overwhelmed with all of the medical opinions, options and advice I received. Traditional medicine? Holistic? Surgery? Radiation? Chemotherapy? Diet?

I started this site as a way to record my experience, keep track of what I learn and organize all the data I discover. Perhaps my journey can be of help to other pet parents faced with a cancer diagnosis of their own loved furry child. Please visit the Blog page to stay updated on Mose’s treatments and prognosis and share your stories. I will continually update the Resources page with available options in Northern New Mexico and Colorado. The “How you can help” page will list local non-profits supporting pet cancer research as well as those who provide help to low-income pet owners battling pet cancer.  Please feel free to use the Contact page with your comments, suggestions and questions.

My goal is to keep Mosey alive as long as possible while ensuring quality of life is always the number one goal. So far, he does not exhibit any symptoms and is the gorgeous, treat motivated, goofball he has always been. Great appetite, lots of energy for a 10-year-old and not in any pain. He is going to stay that way if I have anything to do with it because I love my dog.


December 2013

mosey and me

diane padoven


napa farmhouse 1885

red or green?

california girl in taos

UPDATE: 2.7.15

Mosey lost his battle with cancer on August 27, 2014. My heart was broken, and I stopped contributing to this blog. I thought, “What is the point?” Well, Mosey will always be my “heart and soul” dog, and I will never stop missing him. But my husband and I decided it was time to give back and rescue a dog who needed us. Meet Jasper, a 1 1/2-year-old golden/chow mix. We just adopted him this week. I have decided to continue this blog to further my studies as to canine cancer prevention and research to honor my love Mosey and; hopefully, keep Jasper…and all the other dogs out there…healthy. Please join me on my journey.


jasper 1.22.15 6

Meet Jasper!

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