“Good Times, Bad Times”

“you know I had my share” Led Zeppelin

maddie, mo and me 11.2.11

 A miracle happened! My husband and I woke up yesterday morning prepared to send Mosey to the angels. He had been listless for the past three days and  yesterday refused food. (If you have ever had a Golden Retreiver you know this is a major warning sign.) We thought it was time…cried all night..and first thing in the morning I phoned our vet to tell her what was going on…get her opinion..and schedule the appointment for last night. The vet was in emergency surgery and I was told she would phone as soon as she could.

Crying, I hugged Mosey, told him I loved him and that I did not want him to suffer. I told him to give me a sign if he was not ready and the sign was to eat something. He had not eaten anything for 36 hours. He spent all morning sighing and/or sleeping and refused food. The vet finally phoned around 1:00 pm. I told her what was going on and she said that she wanted to see him, but that it was probably his time and we agreed to meet at 5:15 pm to send him over the Rainbow Bridge.

I swear to you the second I hung up the phone Mosey stood up…went to his water bowl and drank almost the entire thing. Then he walked over and gave me the Golden Retriever look that says “feed me now!” He ate an entire can of food. (I have been giving him Taste of the Wild along with all the fresh stuff) Prior to this he would turn his head away when I tried to feed him. Later that afternoon he ate some chicken and, while he was not back to normal, was much perkier than before. We went to the vet anyway so she could check him out and he went prancing into her office begging for treats. I swear it was like he heard me making the appointment to end his life and said “Hey Mom..Simmer down, I am not yet ready to go!”

Do you believe in miracles? I do. The vet prescribed prednisone and agreed it was not his time.  She cautioned us that this horrible roller coaster would continue with semi-good days and really bad ones…but said Mosey is a fighter and is not yet ready to say goodbye. Today he is eating, drinking and seems happy. I don’t know how long we will have him but, since I thought I would be without him last night, every future day is a gift.

This roller coaster ride is sad, scary, exhausting, joyful at times, and incredibly stressful. I will take it if it means I will have my sweetpea a bit longer. I have joined a number of support groups for pet cancer on Facebook and many, many people have shared experiences similar to this. With 1 in 3 dogs getting cancer in their lifetime my story, sadly, is not unique. But, hopefully, it will help others going through this for the first time.


Diane and Mose


mosey and me


7 responses

  1. Wishing you lots of love and support. So hard to deal with. We went through it with our dog, Cowboy, as well. I still say, their lives are too short, but so very worth it for all you get in return. Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Amy, Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am so sorry for your loss of Cowboy! I am just starting this journey so, if you have anything to share that you learned along the way, please contact me using the contact form at the top of the webpage and I will post your story.

  2. Diane I just read your latest story. I am in tears of joy and wonderment. Mosey is with you because of your love and special attention. You are the best mom ever and Mosey is the best dog.
    I will stay connected. I’m here anytime you want to talk.

    1. KP,
      Oh how I miss you my friend. Thank you so much for your support. I would love to catch up and chat. What works best for you…weekdays? eves? weekends? Let me know and I will phone you.
      Loads of love!

  3. I’m in the exact same position you are at this very moment but i don’t have Facebook. How may I reach you?

    1. Hi Kelly,
      I am so sorry you are experiencing this frustrating, painful,
      up & down situation known as pet cancer. Feel free to contact me using the contact tab at the top of the website. I would love to share ideas, tips and learnings with you.

  4. […] saw this post a few weeks ago and it was perfect timing. Mosey was just recovering from a few really bad days…so bad that we actually had made an appointment to send him over the rainbow bridge. Earlier […]

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